sitting on the sled with up to 3 others, 
max 8 people per tour (2 sleds), contact us for larger group requests
18:00 - 21:00
from kr 850.00 - kr 1,375.00

Enjoy a spellbound experience of being driven under the polar skies. On this breathtaking journey, we will guide you through the enchanting wilderness. We are shifting through lustrous snow-covered Taiga Forest and over lakes frozen by the icy arctic atmosphere. If we are lucky and the sky is clear, we may see the oracular Aurora Borealis, natant in its beauty.


To see the Northern Lights whilst on a Sled Dog Tour in Lapland is nothing short of a remarkable and unforgettable experience. While we cannot guarantee them, we see them often, so you have a good chance. Sledge Dog Tours in the evening are an exceptional experience, trusting your powerful husky companions to pull you through the snow-shrouded dark forests.

Our Sled Dog Kennel is approx 17km outside the main tourist centre of Kiruna. We will collect you from your hotel and bring you to our Husky Kennel, only a few kilometres from the world-famous Ice Hotel and Torn River. Our Husky trails are outside the main tourist areas, so it is rare we should see anyone else except the occasional Reindeer. First, we will ensure you are dressed warmly enough for the cold weather.

Our guides will show you around the kennel and explain a little about our huskies. We like to let everyone get involved if they want, and that helps you get to know your super friendly Husky team before we head out into the frozen Lappish wilderness in search of the elusive Aurora Borealis.

You can also help prepare your team of Husky Sled Dogs, and soon we will glide into the sparkling snow under the Arctic Moon.


During your Dog Sledding tour, we will take you on a big four-people sledge that you will share with three other adventurers. We travel through shiny silken snowfields across expansive outstretched frozen swamps, rivers, lakes, and lakes into ethereal snow-covered forests. We will stop on a few occasions to let you take some photographs.

All of our guides have experience capturing nice pictures, and they will try to take a few excellent images, which you can have free of charge to remember your dog sledging adventure in Lapland. Sometimes we will make short video clips and upload them when we have time. Either way, you will receive some memorable snaps of your time with the husky sledge dogs. However, please note that dog sledding, weather and tour experiences can be somewhat unpredictable at times, and it's sometimes not possible to catch the pictures we would like to, but we try!

When we arrive back at our husky camp, you can thank your husky team by giving them a tasty chunk of raw meat, which they love. You can warm up in our fire hut and enjoy warm beverages and snacks! If we have time left before departure, you are free to take more pictures of the dogs and play around with them.



  • warm overalls, socks, boots, and mittens for dog sledding and winter fun (come dressed as warm as you can and we will top it up with anything necessary)

  • transportation to and from Kiruna

  • tea, coffee, and cake

  • memory photos if time and conditions allow



kr 1,370.00    for adults

kr 1,270.00    for students (Valid Student ID will be required)

kr 850.00       for children between 6 and 12

18th December to 3rd January

kr 1,650.00    for adults

kr 1,530.00    for students (Valid Student ID will be required)

kr 1,020.00    for children between 6 and 12


17:50     Camp Ripan

17:55     Arctic Eden

18:00     Tourist Centrum

18:00     Ice Hotel

18:10     Scandic Hotel

18:20     Camp Alta



For any date before the 15th of November and after the 1st of April, whether we can do a tour depends on the weather conditions. If the conditions will not be sufficient we will offer you a similar experience with the huskies, just on an ATV, or refund you the money minus a small non-refundable booking system fee.

We do not pick up from Kurravaara unless it is for 7 or more people. You have the option to either drive to the kennel yourself or to Kiruna where we will pick you up, however due to the road conditions we recommend you to be picked up in town by us.

For last-minute bookings call +46703356050


The minimum age is 6 years due to the extreme climate. We may in exceptional circumstances allow younger children but please contact us directly.

We have no upper age limit but we do operate in extreme conditions sometimes. Please advise us if you have concerns regarding the ages of the people in your group.


Please also note that whilst you do not need to be an Olympic sprinter, sometimes, depending on the snow conditions, you may have to help the dog team a little, which is normal in our sport.

Please be aware that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon. Whilst we see them regularly we cannot guarantee you will see them or control the weather. The main event here is dog sledding and regardless of the weather, assuming it is safe to drive we will run the tour. You cannot cancel for reasons regarding the weather.

Click here for our Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy.

It is very IMPORTANT you read and understand our terms, conditions, and cancellation policy. Please contact us should you have any queries.

Our tours are limited to a maximum guest number based on logistics, sustainability, and comfort (for the guests AND the dogs). We are, however, able to cater to larger groups/events if necessary. Please contact us with your query, and we will be happy to get back to you with what is doable!


Do let us know in advance if you have any health issues as we may still be able to accommodate you. We can and will take physically challenged people if it is possible. So, please get in touch.

We will be happy to try and arrange a safe and enjoyable activity for you within the scope of what is safe, possible, and doable.

The ground at the kennel is made from gravel, small stones, and earth, thus potentially tricky for wheelchairs. In winter, there is a thick layer of compressed snow, however, we might be able to use a small sled as means of transportation within the kennel.


We welcome guests from all races, religions, cultures, beliefs, and sexualities (lgbtq+ and up) and don't tolerate discrimination or disrespectful behavior due to any of the above from anyone towards anyone.
On a special note, we have to point out that hostile or disrespectful behavior towards our female guides due to guests' religious or cultural beliefs will end in the termination of the tour with no refund; equally so for intentionally unruly and dangerous behavior that puts guests and dogs at risk.

Please familiarize yourself with our Terms & Conditions for more detail as well as Useful Information for a better understanding of nature up here.