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private group to 4 guests, contact us for larger group requests
08:00 - 20:30
kr 54,990.00 per group

If you are searching for the ultimate day out in Lapland, you may have found it. This mega experience combines pure excitement and exhilaration of Snowmobiles racing across frozen lakes and rivers with a thrilling helicopter ride across the snowswept epic scenery of the Arctic.

We have designed a trip that incorporates Snowmobiles, Helicopters, a short Husky visit, Sami Culture, Reindeer, the world-famous Ice Hotel, a la carte cuisine, and a taste of the indigenous Sami kitchen. All in one day. 


We will collect you at your hotel or cabin and bring you to our Arctic Husky kennel. Here we will prepare you for quite literally "the time of your life". You will have a few minutes at the kennel to see our pack of sixty Alaskan Huskies before changing into a warm outfit for your adventure.
After a thorough safety and instruction induction, we will head to the wild. We are driving first downhill through the Poikkijarvi forest to the grand Torne river, and here you will gain some valuable experience in relative safety driving across the ice sheets. We will make a brief stop at either the Sami cultural centre or the Ice Hotel for a quick coffee/tea and snack to power you through the morning's excitement.

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We jump back on the Snowmobiles and continue up the frozen Torn river, through tunnels and forests. We ultimately weave our way across the Ice Pack to the old village of Kurravaara encased in the wilderness. Here we park at the Heli-base. The next part of your incredible adventure begins. You will jump into the Eurocopter EC120 Colibri with a cruising speed of 200km/h and fly over Kiruna with its vast wilderness towards the Swedish mountains near Nikkaluokta. If the weather allows, your pilot will land on Sweden's highest mountain, the Kebnekaise Massif, at over 2,000m. Afterwards, we will fly you through the spectacular snow-covered mountain pass towards Abisko Gorge.
At Abisko, you will fly across parts of Sweden's sixth largest lake & second deepest, Torneträsk. A juxtapose of eye candy as you fly back and terminate your epic flight back at Kurravaara Heli-base, where we await you.

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After decamping from the Helicopter rider, you will take a few moments to stretch your legs, catch your breath, and get ready to go again! Jumping back on your Snowmobile, we will retrace part of our route and head into the local forests towards and summit the small mountain peak of Latnivaara. A splendid view awaits; after the short descent, we ride through small forest trails across another frozen lake and soon reach the enigmatic Torn river. This time we proceed South down the iced river line.
With a touch of Indigenous Culture, we will visit the oldest standing Sami church in Lapland, built-in 1609; this landmark building is steeped in ancient history and is always a joy to see. Next, we will visit the nearby Sami cultural centre and museum, perhaps taking some time to feed the ravenous reindeer and grab an excellent coffee and cake to see us through the Ice Filled afternoon.


Once again, we take a short ride on our Snowmobiles, visit the fantastic Ice Hotel, and enjoy its breathtaking architecture and sculptures designed by world-renowned Ice Artists. We will take some time to visit the Ice Bar, the Ice Church and many of the elaborately created rooms where many will spend a chilly night inside.
With the day growing long, our stomachs will be growing empty. It is time to dine a la carte with some eloquently prepared cuisine in a welcoming, warm, cosy restaurant.
After refuelling our bodies, we will again take to our Snow machines and embark on the final leg of our journey back to the Snowdog base camp.
Arriving at Snowdog, if we have time and the energy, you are welcome to see and maybe meet some of our empirical canine companions. We will change you into regular clothes and return you safely to your lodgings. Any pictures or videos we have taken will be available after a few days.




A driver's license and being age 18 or above are necessary to drive the snowmobile on this tour. If you do not have a driver's license you are welcome to be the passenger. When sharing a snowmobile we usually make you switch mid-tour, however, we can always make more stops if needed.


Please (click and) read this very carefully.

Please be advised the general cancellation policy does not apply to this tour.


You are welcome to bring cameras with you but be aware that devices are usually not made for minus degrees, thus it's best to keep them in a warm pouch. There is some space in the snowmobile trunk. The passenger is welcome to also film while driving, at their own risk, but the driver is not permitted to operate any other devices while driving the snowmobile due to an obvious safety hazard.


  • transportation to and from Kiruna

  • extreme cold weather parka or overalls, snow pants, boots, a hat, neck buff, gloves

  • boots

  • head torch

  • small meal at noon and full course dinner in the afternoon

  • entrance tickets for Sami Museum and Ice Hotel

  • memory photos if time and conditions allow


1. December - 31. March



kr 54,990.00    per group

18th December to 3rd January

kr 65,990.00      per person


A cancellation fee of 20% applies for all cancellations up to 7 days before the tour day.
A 50% cancellation fee applies for all cancellations 7 days or later before the tour start.



The minimum age is 6 years due to the extreme climate.
We have no upper age limit but we do operate in extreme conditions sometimes. Please advise us if you have concerns regarding the ages of the people in your group.


Unfortunately, this tour is not safe and suitable for physically challenged people.


Please be aware that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon. Whilst we see them regularly we cannot guarantee you will see them or control the weather. The main event here is the snowmobile tour and regardless of the weather, assuming it is safe to drive we will run the tour. 

If the helicopter ride is cancelled due to bad weather we will offer you the same tour without a helicopter ride at a cheaper price.

Click here for our Terms & Conditions.

It is very IMPORTANT you read and understand our terms, conditions, and cancellation policy. Please contact us should you have any queries.

Our tours are limited to a maximum guest number based on logistics, sustainability, and comfort. We are, however, able to cater to larger groups/events if necessary. Please contact us with your query, and we will be happy to get back to you with what is doable!


We welcome guests from all races, religions, cultures, beliefs, and sexualities (lgbtq+ and up) and don't tolerate discrimination or disrespectful behavior due to any of the above from anyone towards anyone.
On a special note, we have to point out that hostile or disrespectful behavior towards our female guides due to guests' religious or cultural beliefs will end in the termination of the tour with no refund; equally so for intentionally unruly and dangerous behavior that puts guests and guides at risk.

Please familiarize yourself with our Terms & Conditions for more detail as well as Useful Information for a better understanding of nature up here.