Lapland is a marvellous environment, where the crystalized pastel skies merge with the expansive Taiga and the sun-kissed myriad of serene frozen rivers and lakes. Here in Kiruna and the surrounding expanse, if chance should pass your way, you will be fortuitous to witness the marvel of the mystical Aurora Borealis or capture a glimpse of a rare sun pillar and maybe even sun-dogs simultaneously. Lapland is a bizarre arena of extremes. Whilst the cold transforms the landscape into a somewhat dangerous habitat, it also opens the doors for adventure, awe-inspiring spectacles and a plethora of intriguing characters. Home to Europe's only indigenous people - The Sami. Historically hunter, gatherer and Reindeer herders, The Sami inhabit parts of Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. Today, Reindeer herding, unique handicrafts and delightful cuisine remain some of the pillars of Sami culture — adventure and excitement poise without exception.

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We offer a selection of tours three times daily. You can choose to drive a dogsled with your friend or partner, where you will share the driving, or you can sit, and the sled will be guided by one of our staff on our large sleds (up to 4 people share a sled) and a large team of dogs. Alternatively, we have other more involved excursions such as overnight dogsled tours or Snowmobile and Helicopter rides combined with dog sledding. We can also accommodate private, corporate and customised requests on demand. On your dog sledding tour, you can help harness and prepare the dogs for your tour where possible and treat, cuddle and photograph the dogs after the tour. We will also try to take some photographs of your time spent with us.



Whether you have never been sitting on a snowmobile before, or you're a well-seasoned veteran, we have got you covered with a selection of tours for everyone. Drive down the frozen river James Bond style before stopping in front of the Ice Hotel for a tour, or master driving up the snowy mountain for breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. You can also pair the snowmobile tour up with a helicopter flight for added action! Contact us for availability (some tours are advanced-only and only possible if the weather conditions permit)!

Image by James Ahlberg


Immerse yourself in the zen environment of ice and vast nothingness, the frozen tranquility of ice fishing. Discover what it takes to drill a hole in the arctic ice, and how to best entice the fish from deep underneath the winter landscape. A fundamental survival skill passed on through generations, it has, in its modern form, enchanted casual tourists and passionate fishermen alike. While meditating and waiting for the fish to transcend their coyness, one can be presented with the most picturesque scenery, as the lake's landscape transitions between peaceful sun and frosty storm, indifferent to the vulnerability of the human.



The world-famous aurora borealis: Hunted by many, photographed a zillion times, yet, nothing surpasses experiencing the grand spectacle live, spanning the entire spectrum of the night sky. Kiruna offers a fantastic opportunity to see the mesmerizing colours of the Aurora Borealis. If that does not suffice, we take off on an adventure that can lead us north towards Abisko or south to Luleå in Sweden. Hunting the lights until awe and satisfaction are glowing brighter than the beams of our loyal companion, the Chevrolet Suburban, offering a comfortable and warm bubble to travel through the arctic nights.