For all confirmed bookings, payment is always in full and in advance. 
If the temperature is colder than -35c, we give you the opportunity to cancel with full refund, although we have excellent clothes to keep you warm and no one has died yet!
Snowdog reserve the right to cancel any tours or activities with no notice should we deem the weather conditions too dangerous to run the tour. We have never canceled a tour to date, but occasionally there may be delays due to adverse weather conditions. If we cancel you will receive a full refund if we cannot reschedule or offer you a satisfactory alternative activity.
We are sympathetic to circumstances and will consider all instances of late cancellations on their own merit.


Any cancellations must be made by email to info@snowdog.se and any fees incurred will be determined by the date the email has been received by Snowdog and are stated below. Special circumstances will be considered.

Between 59 days and 46 days before the start of the tour; will incur a cancellation fee of 15% of the tour cost per person.

Between 45 days and 30 days before the start of the tour; will incur a cancellation fee of 30% of the tour cost per person.

Between 29 days and 15 days before the start of the tour; will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the tour cost per person.

14 days or less before the start of the tour; will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the tour cost per person.

Cancellations more than 60 days prior to the start of the tour can be made free of charge minus a small non-refundable payment provider fee.


The above cancellation policy does not apply to the following tours (due to cancellation policies of establishments used and visited during those tours):

  • Overnight Husky Tour

  • Snowmobiles and Helicopter Tour


We do not accept children younger than 6 years old or pregnant women on any of our standard sled dog tours.
Exceptions may be made but you will have to contact us prior to booking and we can consider the possibilities.
It is your responsibility to be honest and inform us prior to booking. Any incidents due to non-disclosure will be fully the responsibility of the booking party.


We can, given the time and weather depending cater for the more physically challenged people but please notify us prior to booking and if we can we will try and arrange a suitable solution.

If you have any physical injuries it is your responsibility to inform us prior to your tours so we can evaluate any risks in order to ensure your safety.

We have had people as old as 80 years old drive their own dog team but a certain amount of agility and fitness is required. However they can also sit on the sled, but remember Dog Sledding is quite different from sitting in a car, conditions and terrain are constantly changing so it is an adventure at times. Also bear in mind that the very young and very old are generally more susceptible to adverse weather conditions.


Snowdog reserve the right to stop anyone from joining the tour whom we consider impaired in anyway by drugs or alcohol.


A basic understanding of English is a prerequisite for the driver of the Dog Sled. If you do not understand English and don’t have someone in the group who understands English and can translate efficiently, we reserve the right to prevent you from joining the tour with no refund. Driving a dog team involves care, attention and due diligence. In our climate and with any activity involving animals a certain amount of unpredictability is normal. Please ensure you have the appropriate travel/accident insurance as Snowdog do not accept liability for any accident which is the result of not following our guidelines and during the induction course prior to the tour.
It is important that you follow the instructions of your guide at all times, failure to do so can result in an accident involving both you, others or our dogs. If you have an accident whilst participating on one of our tours due to neglecting to follow the guidelines here and the information our guides will give you before and during the tour, we will accept no liability and you may be required to cover the cost of damages to our equipment and/or medical treatment for any dogs you may have injured as a result.
Bad treatment to our staff or dogs will not be tolerated and if we see such behavior you will immediately be removed from the tour with no refund.
Driving a dog sled requires focus and a reasonable level of fitness, if you are in any doubt please be sure to contact us direct prior to booking.
If you are booking one of our longer, more physically demanding tours, we may ask you to complete a medical questionnaire to ensure your safety during your time with us, this information will obviously be kept private and only shared with any individuals that need to know in order to maximize your experience and ensure your safety at all times.
It is not unusual for us to occasionally have clients who are frightened of dogs, if this is the case please notify us so we know. Our dogs are very well socialized and super friendly and will be glad to see you.


As part of our tour we will be taking photographs and sometimes recording video. When we can, which is most of the time on the day tours and some of the time on the evening tours, we will try and share this media with you. We may also use these photographs and videos on our website or as marketing material. By booking with us direct or through a third party you are consenting to giving us (Snowdog) the right to use this media.


It is the responsibility of our guests or our booking partners to provide a full valid and operational in Sweden telephone number including international dialing code. Any changes and information such as pick up time confirmations will be sent to you by SMS or we will call you. It is your responsibility to check for these messages and reply if required. We will make every effort to contact you, should there be any last minute changes but Snowdog assumes no responsibility if you are unobtainable.


We welcome guests from all races, religions, cultures, beliefs, and sexualities (lgbtq+ and up) and don't tolerate discrimination or disrespectful behavior due to any of the above from anyone towards anyone.
On a special note, we have to point out that hostile or disrespectful behavior towards our female guides due to guests' religious or cultural beliefs will end in the termination of the tour with no refund; equally so for intentionally unruly and dangerous behavior that puts guests and dogs at risk.


It is the responsibility of our partners and any other booking with us on behalf of another person or group to ensure that they have read understood and are compliant with our terms and conditions and any groups or clients have also read, understood and are compliant with our terms and conditions.
Different cancellation policies may apply for 3rd party and agency bookings.




  • All drivers must hold and display a full driving license for a Car, Motorcycle or Snowmobile. 

  • All drivers must be 18 years or older. 

  • The minimum age to join a tour is six years old, provided it is not too cold. 

  • Your tour will be guided, and you will be expected to fully comply with your guide's instructions for the safety of you and others. We will stop the tour if anyone does not follow the guide's instructions and/ or drives dangerously.  

  • In case of significant damage to the Snowmobile, there may be a self-liability risk charge of between 10,000 - 20,000 SEK. 

  • All guests will sign a liability agreement before the tour begins for any potential accident, injury, or damage to the Snowmobile. 

  • Please come as warmly dressed as you can. You can get very cold on a Snowmobile, and we will provide you with warmer winter clothes, boots, a helmet and mittens. PLEASE IF YOU CAN BRING YOUR OWN GOGGLES AND A NECK SCARF OR BALACLAVA WHICH PROTECTS YOUR NECK AND FACE! 

  • Driving a Snowmobile can be very dangerous. Please consider the lives of your group, the animals you may encounter and yourself. CONSIDERATE DRIVERS are safe drivers! This tour is an adventure experience and not a race! We want it to be fun, but we also want to be alive to share the story :) 

  • Drivers will not overtake and will not zig-zag on the Snowmobiles as this can be very dangerous and lead to an accident or death. 

  • Please note that contact lenses are better than glasses. 

  • No Pregnant women are not permitted to join the Snowmobile tours. 

  • Anyone deemed by our judgment to be impaired by alcohol, drugs or medications will NOT be allowed to drive, and payment will NOT be refunded. We also reserve the right to deny participation to any individual. 

  • Snowmobiling can be a very energetic activity sometimes, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any injury, such as back, neck, shoulder, arms, or head, to discuss. Tours can be tailored to be easy or more challenging, depending on the group and the conditions. 

  • All our tours are private unless agreed upon previously. 

  • A maximum of 2 persons will share a Snowmobile. 

  • Risks, dangers, and hazards such as loss of property or injuries are inherent to the very nature of wilderness activities. While Snowdog and our certified sub-contractors put our guests' quality, comfort, and safety first, all participation in wilderness activities such as snowmobiling or dog sledding is at its own risk. 

  • The maximum speed on a Snowmobile is 70km/h 

  • Snowdog reserve the right to change the planned route if conditions are not suitable to ensure the group's safety. 

  • Snowdog reserves the right to cancel a tour if the weather conditions are deemed too cold or hazardous by us. 

  • Our guide will carry a First Aid kit, water, extra goggles, mittens and neck scarfs. Please speak with your guide if you are uncomfortable at any time for any reason. Your happiness, enjoyment and comfort are our joys.